Center for Coastal Fisheries and Habitat Research

The Center for Coastal Fisheries and Habitat Research (CCFHR) conducts research on the effects of coastal habitat change and restoration on living marine resources such as seagrasses, marshes, reefs, and fish. CCFHR has laboratories in Beaufort, North Carolina and at Kasitsna Bay near Seldovia, Alaska. The Center focuses research on injured habitats and communities, and on estimating natural and human induced mortality, growth, and reproduction. These missions support NOAA’s broader mission of sustaining healthy coasts.

Research at CCFHR provides the scientific basis for damage assessment to NOS in its role as a resource trustee in the coastal area. CCFHR also provides monitoring protocols during recovery of damaged habitats.

The ecological value of habitats such as sea grasses and coral reefs are assessed by CCFHR scientists to aid managers of National Marine Sanctuaries in their stewardship role. These assessments are also employed to evaluate the success of newly established and long–established marine protected areas.

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