Blog Topics

Here are our upcoming research topics. If you you are interested in submitting a post to our blog, please contact with your name, affiliation, and details on what you would like to write about.

NCCOS research informs a variety of decision makers overseeing ocean and natural resource management issues. This topic will feature posts by NOAA and partner researchers doing the science, and the managers using that science for their energy planning and decision making.

Socio-economic and Cultural Dimensions
Beyond the science, these posts will explore how science is helping to answer community-driven questions about balancing coastal communities’ socio-economic way-of-life and ocean resource management decision making.  Perspectives featured will include NOAA researchers and their scientific partners as well as community members involved in the design and execution of the studies.

Technology continues to play an integral part in NCCOS’ ongoing research. This topic will highlight technologies and tools being developed and utilized by our researchers as they seek to answer coastal managers’ questions in the Caribbean.

Ocean Discoveries
Sometimes in the pursuit of science, NCCOS comes across unexpected discoveries. These posts will feature live blogging during the 2012 Nancy Foster mission to map uncharted areas and habitats within the Caribbean.

NOAA science is better when done in partnership. We will feature existing NCCOS partnerships, showcasing the importance of collaboration for meeting joint ocean research goals between federal, regional, state and local organizations. This may become a regular feature of the blog in the future.

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